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Summer Paradise Flat-pack Container

Summer Paradise Integrated Housing is located in Jintao Industrial Park, Jinli Town, Gaoyao District, Ceqing City, Guangdong Province China. The registered capital is 10 million RMB, and the scale of the park where the company is located reaches 200,000 square meters.

Summer Paradise Integrated Housing, a professional service provider of prefabricated buildings in China, takes advantage of the country's advantages in developing green and environmentally friendly buildings, and is committed to building an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, leasing, installation and maintenance.

Our flat-pack containers are widely used Summer Paradise serves many large state-owned enterprises and peer companies in temporary housing for construction, railways, expressways, bridges, water conservancy projects, electric power, petroleum, tourism and military units.

Why Choose Summer Paradise Flat-pack Container Houses Factory?

The factory manufactures and exports prefabricated modular buildings to more than 120 countries around the world. Depending on your architectural and quality requirements, we will design and manufacture your custom project.

Prefabricated modular buildings and modular containers are reinforced against earthquakes and cyclones.

The steel structures and sandwich panels we manufacture are certified to international standards. As well as painting and flooring, we guarantee the quality of our window and door joinery.

The flat pack modular containers and prefabricated buildings we manufacture are designed and packaged for on-site assembly and to reduce logistics costs.

For large construction projects, we provide supervision, assembly, and transportation of prefabricated modular buildings for use as canteens, housing, offices, locker rooms, and houses.

Flat-pack Containers

Flat-pack container house is composed of top frame, bottom frame components, corner columns and several interchangeable wall panels. Modular design concept and production technology are adopted. Modularize a box room into standard parts, and assemble or hoist it on site at the place where it is needed.

One type of modular house is flat-pack, which is constructed using steel frames and lightweight panels. There are four corner posts, two top frames, and two bottom frames in a flat-pack house. The walls are exchangeable and can be flattened if you wish to transport it easily.

Flat pack containers are multipurpose standard containers whose dimensions comply with ISO container shipping regulations. There are three main components to the structure: the roof, the floor, and the pillars. With this structure, containers are able to be combined longitudinally and transversely without limits, or stacked in two or three floors.

Flat pack containers are fast construction, easy transportation, flexible combination, green & sustainable, cost saving.

A flat-pack house can be used for accommodations, offices, bathrooms, canteens, and other open areas, such as construction sites, social housing, fieldwork camps, disaster sites, and others.

We at Summer Paradise are a professional container house manufacturer in China, as well as a supplier of steel structure buildings, light steel villas, prefabricated houses, sandwich panels, profiled steel, and more.

Our company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of flat pack container houses in China, offering custom service as well. Please feel free to buy high quality flat pack container house for sale here from our factory.

Our Flat-pack Containers Projects

We have built high-quality Flat-pack container houses for thousands of customers, the following are some of our customer cases.

Prefabricated Your Flat Pack Container House