Prefabricated container houses

Prefabricated container houses can be used to expand site camps as energy-efficient and flexible working environments. The base model self-contained unit is a 20ft (6m) container house. In 10 days, we can fabricate and transport a large number of units to your construction site. All fittings meet your needs, including a built-in kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and custom fold-down bed/lounge. Because container buildings require little onsite work, you can move in immediately without disrupting your life.

The construction of Summer Paradise takes advantage of natural materials to the maximum extent possible. Instead of being melted down, containers are converted into homes, making them eco-friendly.

Your essential guide to a tailor-made flat pack container

Flat pack containers or modular homes are mainly built in a factory, often with plastered walls and accessories such as kitchens and bathrooms attached to the walls. They are then delivered to the site, ready to be grouped together. Since most construction work is done in a factory, bad weather cannot delay the work, making it an efficient method. It is often also up to 25% cheaper than traditional construction and can incorporate many environmentally friendly features.

Flat Pack Containers

Flat-pack houses are an exciting new approach to home building. Our special series focuses on the latest innovations.

They are faster and cheaper to build than traditional brick and mortar houses and finally, housing authorities are recognizing that flat-pack or modular houses are part of the answer to our housing crisis. Until now, they have been mainly favored by families looking for a unique single-family home but without the challenges of self-construction. And while this option remains, the flat pack is now being used for other purposes, in subdivisions, and to expand existing homes. In this new series, we look at the biggest developments in modular housing, starting with amazing, custom-built properties.

A folded flat, each flat pack container can be stacked up to five high, allowing us to load up to 10 pieces in a shipping container or truck, saving on shipping costs and warehouse space.

Manufactured according to CE certification and Euro code standards in a strictly quality-controlled factory environment with an ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance certificate.

Summer Paradise flat-pack containers meet all your specific needs, whether you want to build a rural school, clinic, or library, special construction or mining or exploration camp with houses and offices, accommodation, with storage, sleeping, ablution, catering, laundry, and recreational facilities.

Quick assembly, Easy transportation, Flatpack containers

Summer Paradise modular flat-pack container and home building solutions. A profitable way to cover your operations and employees. Summer Paradise Modular Flat-pack container and Modular Home Buildings can be used in many types of industries and applications.

Summer Paradise modular flat-pack container units offer a perfect combination of varied and portable qualities that make them ideal for use as site offices, housing, sanitary facilities, or other commercial applications. From basic comfortable solutions to versatile, modular units incorporating quality materials, Summer Paradise Prefabricated allows you to build a business specifically for your own needs.

Summer Paradise has a cost-effective, portable solution for the complete prefabricated camp site works to set up, to assist clients such as rescue operations, military, and non-governmental organizations, and other customers who require a prefabricated, relocatable building for use in remote locations. Summer Paradise offers customized products that help keep occupants safe in some of the toughest and most dangerous places around the world. Summer Paradise modular solutions are also widely used by private and public companies for temporary or permanent, easy to set up workspaces, infrastructure buildings, and other construction applications.

Sometimes operations require plants or shops to be located in remote locations and this can mean sending labor to these locations for periods of time. Typically, they may be mining, oil exploration, or energy facilities, located anywhere from cold northern climates to hot deserts. This is where complete Summer Paradise custom modular camp solutions are the answer. Safe and comfortable places to live and work, they offer the most economical solution for your operation.

Summer Paradise offers a wide range of modular units that have been optimized for use in many different applications. Our engineers work with the best materials to meet your specific needs. Walls, doors, lighting, ventilation, partitions, color are some of the ways we can adapt a building to meet your needs. Flat pack house everything you need to know about modular houses.

High-quality, fast shipping, & easy installation.

Stackable: When packed flat, each container can be stacked five high, enabling us to load up to 10 pieces in a shipping container or truck, saving on freight charges and warehouse space.

Our flat-pack containers are manufactured to CE certification and Euro code standards in a strictly quality controlled factory environment with ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certificate.

Summer Paradise flat pack containers meet all your specific needs, whether you want to build a rural school, clinic, or library, special construction or mining or exploration camp with homes and offices, accommodation, complete with storage, sleeping, ablution, eating, laundry, and recreational facilities.

FLEXIBILITY: Our panelized flat pack containers offer the flexibility to combine units to create an expandable space. Flat-pack container units can be adjoined to create a larger footprint (or) stackable upon themselves.

LOGISTICS: These Flat pack container units are shipped in a knock-down state allowing for 8-10 units to fit inside a single 40 HQ sea freight container, resulting in a great saving cost on logistics.

No matter where in the world you are executing projects, Summer Paradise Prefabricated Technologies can take care of your logistics needs. Our operation team offers you professional and extensive logistics services by ocean, road, rail, and air. When it comes to the shipping of your units, you want to be sure your units will arrive safely and on time. Relying on Summer Paradise Flat pack containers for logistics means that you benefit from comprehensive services for your transport.

As a significant benefit, our demountable and easily transportable Summer Paradise containers can save our customers and end-users up to 70% on freight charges. This means our flatpack system offers significant total cost savings, particularly when an affordable mobile space management solution, suitable for accommodation, is needed in a remote area.

Multi-purpose flat pack container offices

Summer Paradise flat-pack containers are manufactured from sheet steel that is treated using a hot-dip galvanizing process that delivers a protective layer of zinc that is some 100microns in thickness.

Summer Paradise Flat-pack container is a very well thermal and sound insulated accommodation unit, designed for use even in most remote areas above and below ground. Having EPS as standard insulation material, Summer Paradise containers can also be insulated with rock wool and polyurethane upon the customer's request. The assembly is simple, and it is done by mounting the sandwich panels and components into the steel frame and chassis, requiring only manpower and some basic tools.

Modern, robust, and easy to Install quick build containers

The flat-pack container house is made of the sandwich panel and steel, it is according to the design of the shipping container, but it is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is flat packed, so easy to transport.

Fire & Earthquake Resistance, Heat & Sound Insulation Flat Pack Container House

Good Insulation: Well insulated sandwich panel walls and roof, providing good performance in insulation, moisture-proof and soundproof.

Accommodation for staff and laborers, site office and meeting room, ablution facilities - toilet, shower units, kitchen and laundry, recreation house and prayer room, checkpoints.

Summer Paradise flat-pack containers are 100% prefabricated in the factory providing ready to use buildings that are fully insulated and include electrical and sanitary installations. Summer Paradise 'instant' buildings are ideal for offices or showrooms, events and exhibitions, temporary accommodation and disaster relief housing, site buildings, school or hospital buildings, and home offices or extensions.

Summer Paradise Flat-pack containers are always designed in order to keep the installation of the units as simple as possible. Whether you have chosen a pre-assembled or standard unit, the layout and components of the units are defined in your customized manual.

Flat Pack Container House China Manufacturer - Summer Paradise

We are a manufacturer of flat pack container houses that are preferred on construction sites for their high quality. In order to meet the needs of large-scale engineering construction housing in a short time, production and service need to be fast. Due to their short production time, short installation time, low cost, and ability to be erected immediately, Summer Paradise  modular container houses are preferred in the construction industry.

A leading supplier of custom-packed container homes, Summer Paradise manufactures a wide range of container housing models. Our company is located in Dongguang City, Guangdong Province, China, and we design and build modular container homes with clients all over the globe. Our team can provide the perfect planning and delivery solution for remote housing, temporary schools, emergency hospitals, and more. In Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe, we have completed many modular container building projects.

Our Flat-pack Containers Projects

We have built high-quality Flat-pack container houses for thousands of customers, the following are some of our customer cases.

Prefabricated Your Flat Pack Container House