Choosing a Roof for Your Container Home

Not roofing the container will obviously save you money, but adding a roof will save you even more in the long run. Hot air rises so most of the heat from your home will be lost through the roof, which makes proper insulation and roofing the best option for saving. When choosing a roof for your shipping container home, there are a few styles to consider.

  • Shed: this style roof is sloped and is very cheap and quick to build. This style is popular because it can be easily fitted with solar panels to increase energy savings. Installing shed style roofing involves welding right-angled steel plates across the length of the shipping container on both sides. On each side attach a wooden beam to the steel plates and screw the trusses into this beam. Attach steel bars for structural support across the trusses. You will need to involve a structural engineer for the specifics of installation and design to ensure all load-bearing requirements are met. You can use shingles, or steel sheets to cover the roof. Make sure the trusses of the roof overhang the container to allow for adequate ventilation
  • Gable: Gable style roofing is similar to traditional home style with its distinguished triangle look. The slope of these roofing styles provides great water drainage which prevents leaks and extends the roof life. Installation is similar to that of a shed style roof and will also require the help of a structural engineer. Again, you need to make sure the roof has adequate ventilation.
  • Flat: Containers already have flat roofing and for most people this is adequate. This may be a cheaper option but it does leave your roof at risk for water pooling.

Choosing a Stair for Your Container Home

Our container stairs can be used for any type of construction container, whether being used for social areas, offices, warehouses, or shipping containers. Their universality allows you to fully configure the stairs, even when there are three levels of containers. Additional elements, like landings and uprights, let you assemble a complete communication system on each level of the container. Thanks to their lightweight and modular construction, the installation of our container stairs is fast and easy. What’s more, the modular construction allows you to quickly adjust the stairs to each different containers’ configuration.

Container stairs and landings are available in steel versions with up to 2kN/m2 or 5kN/m2 maximum workload, as well as aluminum with up to 2kN/m2 maximum workload. All versions are filled with an embossed anti-skid metal sheet and the possibility of choosing either industrial or safe barriers. Additionally, with the steel version you can choose from 3 widths of the course – 1,000mm, 1,250mm (2kN) and 1.200mm (5kN).

Container stairs are available in tree versions:

  • Steel with max. load 2kN/m2
  • Steel with max. load 5kN/m2
  • Aluminum with max. load 2kN/m2

Fence Panels for Construction

We supply temporary or mobile fencing for house or construction site. Fencing is used when an area needs barriers for the purposes of public safety or security, crowd control, theft deterrent, or equipment storage. It most commonly used as security fencing for building and construction sites. Other uses for temporary fencing include venue division at large events and public restriction on industrial construction sites. Temporary fencing is also often seen at special outdoor events, parking lots, and emergency/disaster relief sites.

Temporary fencing is a requirement on all residential, commercial and Industrial work sites.

Permanent fence structures are not the solution or cost effective for your business. Just think about the time and effort for your team to erect before starting work and then dismantle.

Temporary fences are light and easy to transport. Once set in place, they can act like permanent structures until your project is done and we can basically tear them down and move them to the next project where they are required.

Our temporary site fencing is strong and can further be strengthened/ improved by using additional accessories we also provide, for example, protection from wind.

It is also an easy way to partition worksites as well as control access to a job site. Raise the productivity of your team by using temporary solutions and improve the safety standards of their work area.

More and more events are also making use of temporary fencing and we are happy to assist and advise.

Clapboard and siding for house

Lightweight metal decorative insulated siding, coating and embossed patterns metal plate surface, rigid high-density PU form core layer, foil protective bottom layer.