Summer Paradise Flat-pack Container

Best Flat-pack Container Manufacturer in China

Summer Paradise Co., a private Science & Technology company located in Dongguan China, a well known international manufacturing city, is committed to R&D, manufacturing and selling integrated houses, container houses and other related products. Since started business in the temporary building industry till today, benefits from the market's demand for temporary buildings, and relying on self own advantages and rich experience in temporary building, Summer Paradise has risen rapidly in the temporary building industry and has developed into a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, sales, design, installation and after-sales service. 

Product range:

  1. Single, double, three-floors K type fireproof prefab houses
  2. Four-slope roof luxury house
  3. Containers: big corrugated containers, flat pack containers
  4. sentry boxes 5. fences

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Flat-packed container house is composed of top frame, bottom frame assembly, corner column and several interchangeable wall panels. Adopt modular design concept and production technology. Modularize a box room into standard parts, and assemble or hoist it on site at the place where it is needed. The product takes the box as the basic unit, and the box structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel components. The national protection insulation materials are all made of non-combustible materials.

The plumbing, electrical, decoration and supporting functions are all prefabricated in the factory without secondary processing. On-site assembly or overall hoisting and placement can be used for occupancy, can be used alone, and can also form spacious use spaces and stacks through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions. It can meet the needs of construction site camps, municipal temporary houses, field work camps, emergency resettlement houses, schools, hospitals, tourist posts, and various commercial houses.

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The whole installation process of China prefab Flat-pack container house in 6 minutes.

Our flat pack container house is advantage for the completed roof and floor. 2 hours 4 workers can install one house. Size: 2.425Mx5.9Mx2.8H. 1X40HQ can load 9 units. This kind of prefab container house is best solution to the container office, container home, container apartment,container hotel and container school.

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Advantages of our flat-packed container house

A handmade boards made with passion for people with passion

Prefabricated Your Flat Pack Container House